How Will A WIFI Hotspot Help Your Business?

WIFI often slips to the bottom of many businesses’ list of priorities, in fact many are still using commercially available home routers for their premises. These will serve two or three customers or even a small back office fine, but every new connection and device slows the network for everyone else, meaning it can crawl to a halt during busy times. Reliable and fast WIFI is one of customers' most requested amenities from businesses and a lack of it will often be their top point in negative reviews, be it a small coffee shop, or a multinational hotel chain.

On the other end of the spectrum, some businesses have such good WIFI, that customers will come in and use it all day while only buying a single snack, or perhaps the neighbours above your premises have been in once, asked for the WIFI password and then been streaming 4K video to their TV through your connection ever since.

The above problems and many more can be easily rectified with a WIFI hotspot from Carden Hotspots. Provide paid or free WIFI to your customers whilst keeping complete control of who is connected and how long they can stay online.

The best WIFI solution for you and your customers. Read more to find out how a WIFI hotspot could boost your business!

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